Hillspring Eco-Farm

    we MOVED, our new place is:


BLUFFWOOD on WIRTH is an organic homestead in the hills & valleys of SouthCentral Wisconsin--25 miles south of Madison, between New Glarus and Monticello. Located on a woodsy bluff near the Sugar River, the terrain is well-suited for our small flock of endangered heritage sheep (Jacobs, Tunis, CVM/Romeldale) and a few milk goats. With perennial and annual gardens, fruits trees and brambles, we continue our committment to raising nutritious food & high quality wool.

When did we move? Fall of 2014. Why? Because the vision for additional resident households to share the work and management of our 154 acre farm at Hillspring did not materialize and we aged out of the desire and ability to do it ourselves. Moving was accomplished with the help of many wonderful friends. And now we are excited about the opportunities and adventures that our new location is bringing us.

Our sheep and goats have “hands-on” care guided by organic/biodynamic principles of herbal, homeopathic & radionic wellness. At Bluffwood, we strive to support and live in harmony with the wilder eco-system of birds, insects, prairie plants, rocks, forest, fields, worms, fungi, bacteria and microbes--all participating with us in the intricate bio-web of eating, pollinating, composting, soil building, living & dying that makes this a dynamic place to live, work and play.

Bluffwood on Wirth     W4350 Wirth Lane, Monticello, WI 53570

email:  LindaDee4350@yahoo.com   tele: 608/938-5010